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Story from Creative class in the Akashic Records

Well one day I was walking through the forest when a big bear jumped out in front of me.

I was too startled to be scared and I said ‘Hey what’s the big idea jumping out like that?’

He told me no one had ever talked to him that way before and where did I get off scolding him?

We both started laughing, I suggested we have a big fire and dance but he said he was afraid of fire so we went to river and he caught us some fish to eat.

I made a little fire and cooked mine and he ate his raw. Then together we took a nap. He was so soft and cuddly that I slept for hours on his chest.

We awoke we bowed to each other then went our separate ways.

Still to this day when I cuddle into an inviting bed, I can still feel him under my head as I fall asleep.

The moral of the story is:

When we don’t let the big scary things frighten us, we can actually be fed and comforted by them.