May went by fast as I traveled almost from coast to coast

First we went to Sea Grove, North Carolina so my husband could be in his glory talking clay and touring 101 potteries.

I really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful work plus we were back in the area where we first met 39 years ago.

It was everything I could do to keep Doug from moving there until people started talking about how this was the first nice day they have had all winter.

Next I met my sister in Las Vegas for the Speak to Sell Boot camp. I really got lots of good ideas for me and to share with my Claim your Life instructors plus picked up a few people to interview for my radio program.

We pulled a ‘I know we are younger than our years’ and went to a late night show at David Copperfield then played the slots for 3 hours then caught our 6 am flight. What were we thinking – it took days to recover.

Then to make me feel really old we traveled to our nieces wedding. She was a Rangerette then organized and chaperoned the group for the next couple of years. So she had about 50 or more of the college cheerleaders that looked like models there that danced all night then went next door and closed down the bar. It was great meeting her husband and their friends and the wedding was beautiful.

Lastly I was invited to do a ‘Discovery’ group workshop which I conducted a Soul Retrieval and everyone discovered their power animal. Then because there were some Akashic Record students in the group we gave everyone a chance to ask questions and receive answers from each one of us through the Akashic Records. This was really fun.

Although I don’t think I could have packed anything else into May, I did wish it could keep on going – as soon as I got rested up that is.


Boni Oian

Boni is the Author and instructor of Claim Your Life – Transform Your Unwanted Subconscious Beliefs into an Exhilarating Source of Power. She also trains teachers to instruct her Claim Your Life process worldwide.

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