Claim Your Life Consultation

Your Claim Your Life consultation starts with knowing where you are right now in your life, what you deem important, and what you truly value.

Next, we look for where you think you want to be or wish you were. This is accomplished by looking at what’s not perfect yet in your life. If I waved a realistic magic wand, what would your life look life in the following areas – spiritual, relationships, financial, home and how would you feel.

The unfoldment happens as we allow the subconscious to reveal its outdated programs that says you can’t have what you want which I step you through safely and easily.

This consultation is 3 powerful, focused sessions of an hour each, spaced out as each phase is completed. It has supportive MP3’s that talk directly to your subconscious, and a fill in the blank manual to assist you.

Also in our sessions, we pinpoint areas of procrastination and gently remove them and I will personally train you with take home tools to use every day. ​

Total Investment $525

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