December’s here

Since this is the last month of your year, we ask that you reflect on what worked for you and what didn’t work for you the last 11 months.

Some people call this regrouping, we call it taking stock.

It’s much like sorting a bushel of apples, keeping the good ones, pitching the bad ones and knowing which ones are ready to be made into applesauce.

Make a list with all the events of last year. Then take a clean page and divide it into 3 columns.

One column is keepers. It’s the things you want to keep, make better or enjoy more in the year to come. This could include your spouse, eating habits, exercise routine, job, relationships with close friends or anything else about your life that you value and want to continue to have in your life.

The next column is your give away column. It’s all the things you could give away and not miss. We call this give away instead of throw away because we know how hard it is for you to throw things away. So this column can include extra pounds, (someone might need it for Botox) hurt feelings, bad things you say about yourself in the mirror, (yes we hear you and we ask that you not be cruel to yourselves anymore), old clothes and objects that you don’t love anymore, and relationships that are not honorable.

The third column is listed with things and relationships that need celebrating. This column gets filled with completed projects, (you cleaned out the shed), roles in relationships, (you are now a mentor instead of a babysitter), the money you have in the bank, (you saved 5% of your income in an IRA account), decisions you made, (you choose to go back to school, clean out your closet or negative mindset), or you started treating your body, mind and spirit better by changing your habits.

Now take the giveaway column and burn it, shoot it off in a rocket, make confetti out of it or otherwise destroy it.

With each item on the third column really celebrate and acknowledge yourself for a job well done! Dance, sing and make a parade of your acknowledgements.

The third column list is for you to make a vision board, or simply write in detail what each item is now with an improved addition. This will be you New Year’s starting point to focus on daily.

We know we have given you a lot so don’t feel you have to do it in one setting and please do it for your happiness to increase and your life to have more joy. May the spirit of peace be in all you do, say and love. – The Masters of the Akashic Records.

Today through the 6th I am in San Diego taking an Instant Miracle class. You know that means I will soon be asking you to let me practice on you.

Anyone that didn’t make our ‘in person’ Master Heart’ group can still join. The next one is 9 am on the 12th. It really was amazing in November and holding each person’s request in my heart this month has been an honor.

The Skype call for the gathering group has been a little slower to get moving so if you haven’t sent me your Skype invite do it before we meet again on the 17th. The ones of us on that call really get the value of seeing each other.

I’m hoping to work by pairing up with people next year creating classes. My belief is it will make us more effective and we’ll have lots more fun. Once we have the experience we’ll have a better knowing of just how much fun we can handle!

I took so many classes and did so many clearings this past year, I am hoping to implement them in 2016 and see where it takes me.

One sure thing is the Gathering for the Akashic Records is going to be in Texas. Bitsie and I will be pulling our resources and hopefully be able to have ranch time, records time, clay time, and shopping or relaxing time. So send me dates that won’t work as well as the dates that will work for you in September and October 2016. Then we’ll narrow it down from there.

Let’s really set the intention to have the best year ever in 2016. I’m going to do what the Masters said above so I can be ready. I love you all and want the best for you also.

Love, Boni

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