DVD Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Claim Your Life DVD Class.

My suggestion is to do the steps only when you are well rested, fed and have plenty of time to think about the answers to the questions.

So let’s get started:

  1. Start your DVD with the introduction and watch through Chapter 4.
  2. Open and read chapter 1 in your book, then complete chapter 2 by filling out the blanks up to page 10.
  3. Watch DVD Wants – chapter 5.
  4. Read chapter 3 in the book, filling out pages 16, 17, and top of 18.
  5. Watch DVD Values – chapter 6, complete the exercise on pages 18, 19, and 20 in the book.
  6. Watch DVD Want list – chapter 7, complete exercises page 20, 21, 22, and 23.
  7. Read and complete Chapter 4 in the book.
  8. Book one of your 30 minute appointments with your instructor. The focus will be going over your Top 10 wanted list so have it handy.
  9. You are now ready to start the CD’s that accompany this class.

Start with the ‘A’ CD, listening to Track 1 in the Morning and Track 2, Refocusing on Your Heart’s Desire, right before you drift off to sleep (if you fall asleep and hear Track 3, that’s okay)

  1.   Watch DVD Clear Blocks – Chapter 8 and Patterns – Chapter 9.
  2.  Read up to page 48 in the book.
  3.  Book a session with your instructor. This session will focus on how to identify and remove the blocks that stand in your way.
  4.  Watch DVD Forgiveness – Chapter 10, complete exercise pages 49 & 50 in the book. Listen to CD ‘U’ Track 2 as many times as possible throughout the day and evening.
  5.  Watch DVD Joy – chapter 11, and complete page 51 in your book.
  6.  Watch DVD Claim Your Life – chapters 12 and 13 and complete the exercise on the DVD. Then at least once a day, sitting up with your back straight, listen to ‘A’ CD Track 3.
  7.  Book one of your sessions with your instructor. This will focus on how and when to use CD ‘U’ Track 1.
  8.  Finish reading the book.
  9.  Now what? Continue to focus on your Top ten want list (updating as you complete or redefine what you want), listening to your ‘A’ CD (all tracks as indicated) and ‘U’ CD Track 2. As unwanted feelings come up listen to ‘U’ CD Track 1 and re-watch the DVD at least once within 4 weeks after the completion of step 14.
  10.  Book this session with your instructor when you feel the need. The suggestion is about 3 months.


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