The Gathering 2018
October 3rd-7th in Kerrville, Texas

One of my favorite times of year is when we all get together for The Gathering. This year will be nothing short of all the others!

Raquel has graciously offered us the use of her property and home in Kerrville, Texas if we can agree to these respectful considerations. She has a fabulous ranch with beautiful views, a main house with cottages and a lodge.

Here are all the details of this year's Gathering:

  • Food or drinks stay in the breakfast or dining room in the main room (there are coffee/water stations throughout the house)
  • Breakfast will have assigned cooks each day, saving confusion in the kitchen
  • Raquel’s personal wing of the house is off limits.
  • Raquel will teach us what is required to be good house guests.
  • Smokers will use water bottles for the butts or coffee cans.
  • People that are staying overnight will arrive on the first day between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM because of the darkness, loose animals, locked gate and long driveway.
  • Thursday through Saturday, someone will be there to open the gate between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM for the people joining for the day.
  • Thursday through Saturday, someone will be there to open the gate between 8:30 PM and 9:00 PM to let out the day people.
  • People can pick up antlers, rocks or any other scavenger hunting items to take home except in the sacred garden courtyard.
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Household & Meal Costs

For The Household: To compensate Raquel's help for preparing her beautiful home and other buildings for our arrival, each person staying overnight will pay $100. Those not staying overnight and just coming for the day, there is a onetime charge of $25 for the household.

For Meals: If you are staying overnight, there is a one time $105 charge for those staying that will cover all meals except Saturday evening as we are going out for dinner. Those not staying overnight will pay for each meal eaten. And if there is no kitchen prep work needed, you may make your own meal.

If you are interested, she will need a deposit of $100 so she can know how many people to expect. Please include if you’ll be staying or day visiting. Contact me for her address if you don’t have it.

When you make your deposit, you will be sent a letter explaining the procedure to sign up for the sharing day and about the presentations for the following two days. The 3rd and 7th are travel days, people arriving and departing.

Questions? Call or email Boni 830.537.4523,

Thank you for considering coming to 2018’s Akashic Record Gathering

So, what is it?

The gathering is a sharing place and a place for us to practice speaking, conducting exercises from the records, and explain our modalities with an experience in a safe, supportive environment.

It also is a place to practice being in the Records and getting information from the Records. Also, it assists people’s confidence who are new in the Records or just don’t practice much.

The gathering consists of two parts – sharing and presenting. Choosing to share is up to you and the Record Masters choose the presenters.

So, I have come up with some guidelines as you decide if you want to share at the gathering.

Please make sure what you share meets these guidelines:

  1. Open the Records when putting together the experience
  2. Everyone must be included in the experience
  3. One on one can be done if the attendees can do it on each other
  4. It needs to be your direct experience or story no matter where you learned it, in other words don’t tell someone else’s story, you are stepping forward in a safe place and letting us support you. Examples can include how it worked on other people or results that were achieved without violating confidentiality
  5. What it is not is a sales pitch, promotion or half an experience where the rest is done later. (Please remember this is a sacred circle not a marketing opportunity)

There are a limited number of sharing slots. 30 minutes or one-hour time slots, first come first serve, one day only.

Bitsy is our organizing host this year. She will be the one coordinating the ‘shares’ so contact her and if you are not sure your share meets the guidelines, conduct it or discuss it with her.

She will also be opening the Gathering Records and asking:

  • 'Who are the people to bring forward and conduct the exercises for the 5 or 6 basic times?' (the presenters for Friday and Saturday)
  • If she hears your name, you will be asked to go into the Records and ask ‘what exercise is to be brought forward for the group?’ (this is what we do as teachers)

If you need assistance, Bitsy, Stevie, Gina, Cathy, Boni or others are willing to work in the records with you. If you need their contact information, please contact me.

Any questions, please let me or Bitsy know.

Of course, more information for the airplane flyers and others in need of transportation will be available closer to the event. If Raquel runs out of sleeping room, we will put you in touch with local hotels.

It is really an honor to be able to make this available to everyone who loves working in the records and it brings me great joy that you are considering coming.

I am asking all who come to bring a rock to be left in Raquel’s sacred garden courtyard. Pick a rock to remind her of our time together.

Love to you,

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