“Ideal You” Package

ideal-you-3dGive yourself the gift of happiness in both love and career with this empowering hypnosis combo. The “Ideal You” package features our popular Ideal Lover and Ideal Work MP3 downloads to help you achieve optimal joy at work and home. From the comfort of your favorite chair, this soothing, yet powerful MP3 series will take you on a guided hypnosis voyage that will help you:

·         Identify the type of relationship you want
·         Discover your ideal job
·         Open yourself to new career and relationship opportunities
·         Transform your professional and personal life

As a powerful bonus, this package also includes the two therapeutic downloads Eliminating Unwanted Feelings and Forgiveness, which will assist you in releasing old resentment and patterns that hold you back from love and personal achievement. In a safe and relaxing environment, you will learn to replace confused, hurt and frustrated feelings with love.

Each MP3 download is highly effective by itself and designed to transform your unwanted subconscious beliefs into an exhilarating source of power. When used together, they operate on both conscious and subconscious levels to help you unlock the ideal you!

Price: $24.00


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