“Letting Go” Package

letting-go-3dDo you feel stifled but can’t figure out what’s holding you back?

Or, are you holding a debilitating grudge, but can’t seem to let go?

Our “Letting Go” package is for you.

First, you’ll start with Exploring and Replacing Old Patterns from Past Lives. This 28-minute audio recording will guide you on a trip into your past lives to reveal unwanted patterns that are affecting this life.

Once you identify your old unsuccessful patterns, you will learn how transform them into new habits that benefit you.

Next, you’ll use the 21-minute audio recording Forgiveness. This affirmation-filled download will help you release old resentment and forgive yourself and others.

Used together, these two soul-cleansing downloads are the perfect springboard to a joyful future.

Price: $12.00


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