Can you remember back to a time when you were a magnetic, limitless creator who grabbed onto life with both hands and knew anything was possible?

Do you continue to live a life that is not fully who you are - always waiting to break through a veil of possibility that never seems to lift?

Is there much you want to accomplish - yet your mind is overflowing with unfocused thought clutter?​

Are Your Personal Blockages Keeping Your Clients from Creating the Life They Want?

Do you struggle with issues such as:​

  • If I have constant money issues - how can I possibly help others achieve wealth?
  • I'm stuck in an endless loop of searching for sultions using the same tired thought processes.
  • Is my communication approach keeping me from connecting on deeper levels with clients, friends and family?
  • Is it possible to stem anxiety and create an oasis of calm in an otherwise chaotic life?

How deep are you willing to go for answers? If you're ready to tackle these challenging issues head on, our Claim Your Life and The Art of Being with Gongs  transformational play shop will help you finally achieve clarity as you redefine your personal truths. Are you ready to unearth those hidden agreements and outdated beliefs?

  • Move through life with more grace, more quiet assurance, and be the light for others.
  • Unlock the blockages keeping you from becoming the successful creator of your story!
  • Learn to speak clearly from your heart so you and your clients will experience faster results and realize potential more quickly.

Easy and leads to self-discovery...

"Claim Your Life course is a godsend for anyone who knows what they want but can't seem to get there. It is an interesting process, easy and leads to self-discovery. I am still getting great results!" ~Cathy Millard

Hi, my name is Boni Oian, and I created the Claim Your Life system to help people just like you discover where you are now, what you want, and what's blocking you from having it easily. 

Join Faye, me and more of the Claim Your Life Official Instructors at www.sedonacreativelife.com for a ​

Weekend of Claim Your Life and Being with Gongs.This​ Will Help You Go Even Deeper to Extract the Limiting Beliefs and Harmful Patterns Keeping You from Stepping Out from Behind the Veil.​

Now that you are ready to tackle the hard questions, our Claim Your Life and the Art of Being with Gongs will help you to finally achieve clarity as you redefine your personal truths.​

With so much information available, it's hard to know who is really looking out for you and passionate about your success. I'll be with you every step of the way as you encounter hurdles and experience profound breakthroughs. We're in this together!

Boni, along with other Official Claim Your Life Instructors will be with you throughout the training to ensure you are understanding the material, keeping up with the lessons and have all personal and confidential questions answered.

Personal small personal group sessions as well as detailed instructions guarantee you will have a complete understanding of the material and set you on course for achieving results!

The Being With Gongs Lady...

Sonic Massage with Gongs by Faye Henry

Join Faye and experience the mystical magical vibration of her eight Paiste Gongs. Come relax and be showered by the pure cosmic vibration of divine love. Immerse your body in the wonderful vibrations and amazing sounds and allow every cell to be gently massaged.

Sonic Massage benefits you by easily and effortlessly stilling the mind and bubbling the “issues out of your tissues” while you relax and float in the energy and vibrations of the gongs.

Those attending often feel an immediate and easy shift of awareness and a deep state of relaxation. Based upon the concepts and laws of quantum physics, using the scientific principles of vibration and resonance, a session helps instill a nature state of equilibrium.

In this state, your body innately knows what to do to heal itself and does so easily. Most people who arrive with stress or pain leave without it, or with it greatly reduced.

Faye Henry, a woman with an outlook that could quite possibly transform the world, brings with her a palette full of skills: Pilot,air traffic controller, business owner, underwater videographer and photographer, video editor, computer programmer and web developer, gong artist, drummer, to name a few.

On a fall day in 2001, Faye walked into an herb store looking for carrot oil and came out with a whole new path in life. While she was in the herb store she was invited to attend a Reiki class.

Against all odds and being extremely skeptical, she wound up in the class. This led to emotional healing classes, access energy transformation classes, quantum touch healing, dowsing,essential oils, lymphatic drainage study, and the clarity that the key to healing is sound and color.

These interests have blossomed in Faye’s life and she utilizes these skills for personal growth. She believes that everyone has within them the capacity to heal themselves; therefore, no one really needs these services.

Faye believes we create everything in our lives with our thoughts and desires, that your focused attention is powerful and we need only to focus on being whole while reaching a state of complete relaxation to claim our health. The human body is amazing and powerful.

When mind body and spirit are in balance and harmony,everything is possible to us now.

Faye’s gong sessions have inspired creativity in people to create paintings, poems, books and even a new line of ladies shoes!​

. . . YOU . . . play them like no one else. Pure magic. Can't wait to get my magic CDs for when I am in the car and not near my gong! Sweet woman - I cannot get enough gong!!!!!! It grows more beautiful and dear to me by the day. I cannot thank you enough for introducing me!" ~ Angela


May you all have the pleasure of meeting Faye Henry; she spreadsgreat joy and truth just by being present." ~ Jeannette Sebes-McDonald, Chattanooga, Tennessee


Faye…the amazing cosmic musician and her magical gongs!" ~ Jody, Yoga Instructor, Atlanta Ga


We'll begin on March 11th at 9am!

Location: Sedona Creative Life Center

333 Schnebly Hill Road Sedona, AZ 86336

All of this is only $375!

So mark your calendar so you can be present for every minute! March 11th and 12th, 9am-6pm!

There is a hotel called 'Sky Ranch Lodge' nearby. ​

Click here to reserve a room/find out more info. You can also email info@skyranchlodge.com​. Be sure to tell them you are with the Claim Your Life group to receive a special low rate of $130 per room.

So mark your calendar so you can be present for every minute! March 11th and 12th, 9am-6pm!

Even before we get started, you will learn - just from the bonuses - to permanently and positively change your relationship with wealth and your own worthiness to achieve everything your heart desires.

Your weekend will be well spent and you will leave with:

  • Knowing your end goal
  • Fearlessly take the next step
  • Cultivating laser focus
  • Identifying old patterns and blockages
  • Instantly transform negative emotions
  • Clarify your purpose and direct your passion

Marsha J BaumannLCSW

"I have worked with Boni Oian for the past 5 years and with each session, I learn something new and valuable. I have found purpose and meaning and a deeper spiritual connection as well as a new zest for life and the tools to have whatever I wish to create for myself. " ~Marsha J Baumann

Enroll Now and I'll Include These Bonus Items Absolutely Free!

Special Bonus #1

MP3 Library Valued at $1,100

My library of MP3s that remove unwanted beliefs about...

Fear, Love, Wealth, andForgiveness at the Theta level (the relaxed and carefree level of awareness in which we all lived from conception to approximately age 2).

My Fear MP3 addresses 29 deeply-limiting beliefs such as fear of disappointing others,fear of standing up for yourself, fear of losing love, and fear of what others think of you.

My Love MP3 includes 25 truths you need about loving yourself, accepting and deserving love, being worthy of love – including God’s love, and nurturing yourself.

My Wealth MP3 defines God’s definition of wealth – the richness of life, experiencing deep feelings of joy and happiness, financial security, appreciation of beauty,empowerment, realizing your many blessings, feelings of protection, and living a life of unconditional self-love and worthiness.

My Forgiveness MP3 allows you to experience freedom from judging the thoughts and actions of yourself and others by turning them over to a higher power.

After listening to these belief-altering recordings, many of my students say they are finally freed from blockages that they have been working on for a lifetime!

The technique she uses is fascinating...

I went to see Boni for help with feelings of loss, grief, and abandonment after the death of the man I loved. Using her Theta consultation technique, she enabled me to release some of the suffering and become more peaceful. She also worked with me on issues of forgiveness, self-worth, and trust. The technique she uses is fascinating,  and I definitely felt better after the half-hour session."

Skye Alexander

With so much information available, it is hard to know who is really looking out for you and passionate about your success. I will be with you every step of the way as you encounter hurdles and experience profound breakthroughs. We’re in this together.

Special Bonus #2

30 Minute Consultation Valued at $100

This personal Akashic Record Consultation will allow you to:

  • Receive answers to your questions
  • Gain clarity about the dynamics of relationships and how to work with these influences
  • Release reactive patterns and receive the personal gifts and blessings that are truly intended for you
  • Develop your life direction, free of the influences of others

I am so grateful to have been introduced to Boni Oian. Long before she came into my life, I was on a mission of self-destruction. Depressed, mad, unhealthy, and feeling down right crappy.

After an appointment with Boni in the Akashic Records, I began to experience a transformation, free from fear and anger with increased energy and wellbeing.Instead of reacting, I'm able to acknowledge and be aware that most of "the gunk" out there is not mine and I'm not responsible.

I trust a greater spirituality where there once was none. Now that I have been spiritually detoxed and opened to acceptance, all the possibilities are flowing freely.I'm in total gratitude for the gifts each day brings. I thank Boni for sharing and showing me a new way to live in love, joy, and gratitude and free of fear." ~Dona 'Bitsy' Neuser

Dona 'Bitsy' Neuser

Take That First Step Now by Signing Up Below!

You know you did not come here to be simply mediocre, but to share your unique gifts with the world. If you’ve been searching for answers, yet have not been able to achieve the level of success you know is your birthright, now is the time. Let me help you return to that fearless, anything-is-possible creator you once were! I want you to succeed, you want to succeed, so let's get started.

In love and light,

Earn CEU's if you are a Counselor or Social Worker in Texas. Check your state license and see if they apply.

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