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What I have found with working with people for over 30 years is the most long lasting and effective transformations in releasing the cause of a behavior or uncomfortable feeling has to be done back where the first experience happened.

When changing a belief or pattern, it is essential to change it in the frequency it occurred.

PLEASE NOTE: For the MP3’s listed below, they have an Alpha base frequency since most of our subconscious programs were accepted in the Alpha frequency. Therefore these should NOT be used while driving a car or other heavy equipment. They should be used while in a relaxed state with arms, legs and hands uncrossed with the spine straight for the full affect to take place.

"Coaching For Entrepreneurs"
by Jeannette Koczela featuring Boni Oian

The co-authors of this book are all members of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches. Each co-author has written a chapter about how their coaching helps entrepreneurs, and includes examples of breakthroughs, transformations, results, techniques, and methods that their clients have experienced through coaching to increase their success and revenue.

"Careers from the Kitchen Table"
by Raven Blair Davis

Join Boni and 50 other successful business owners as they share their insider secrets to starting and running a successful home-based business – even during a recession! Many books talk about turning your passion into a profitable business, Careers from the Kitchen Table offers Home Recipes for Success that take it a step further. You’ll find stories that not only inspire, but provide you with the missing link you won’t find elsewhere – the steps you must take to assure your success. Not just empty promises, but the keys to unlocking your inner entrepreneur!

"Answering The Call" - #1 Amazon Best-Seller Book!
by Lisa Sasevich and Boni Oian

You can feel it; something bigger than you is calling you toward it. You intuitively understand that your unique life experiences have qualified you for the adventure that lies ahead. The question is – are you answering that call? If you follow in the footsteps of mentors who have gone before you and learn from their experiences, it’s not as hard as you think!
Join Boni Oian and other visionary leaders from across the country who used their experiences as the catalyst to answer the call in their own lives and have gone on to enjoy great success as a result.
“Answering the Call” co-authored book recently hit six best-seller lists, including #1 in two categories! With Boni receiving the Editor’s Choice Award and the Quilly award.

"Claim Your Life"
by Boni Oian

Are you ready to unlock your hidden power? Claim your Life will help systematically reveal your subconscious beliefs, uncovering them so they can be uprooted and replaced with healthy beliefs that empower you and support the changes you seek.

"Ideal You" Package
by Boni Oian

Arm yourself with the tools to be your best self at work and home with our empowering “Ideal You” package. This value-packed set includes four of our most popular downloads at one affordable price. Let the powerful messages of Ideal Lover, Ideal Work, Eliminating Unwanted Feelings and Forgiveness be your guide to unlocking the ideal you.

"Claim Your Life DVD Home Study Class"
with One-On-One Assistance

Take charge of your life with this inspiring home study class. It’s the most comprehensive product we offer packaged with five MP3 downloads, the Claim Your Life workbook, and four 15-minute phone consultations with Boni Oian the creator of this empowering process. Let this class hold your hand every step of the way on your journey to Claim Your Life. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Five MP3 downloads
  • The Claim Your Life workbook
  • And four 15-minute phone consultations with Boni Oian, the creator of this empowering process.

"Shamanic Journey - Soul Retrieval"

If you yearn to connect with yourself on a deeper level than you thought possible, few tools are more effective than taking a Shamanic Journey. To set you firmly on the road to self-discovery, this set includes audio step-by-step instruction to guide you on your journey and an accompanying drumming soundtrack. Ready for immediately download of MP3 recordings.

"Letting Go" Package

To experience all the joy life has in store for you, it is essential to let go of past pain and old destructive patterns. Our “Letting Go” package is designed to help you do just that. Using the audio recordings Exploring and Replacing Old Patterns from Past Lives and Forgiveness as your guide, you will learn how to free yourself from the stifling past experiences that hold you back.

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