Boni’s Claim your Life Instructor Training profoundly amplified and synthesized the various self improvement modalities that I have studied over the past decade. Her methodology is straight forward, easy to understand and utterly foolproof. Claim Your Life is a high-impact, high-return program that yields immediate results. Aptly named, Claim Your Life offers exactly what it asserts.-Alexa Person, TX

Being able to experience Boni’s class was life changing for me.  It gave me focus to living my life and opened a whole world… actually universal possibilities!  I am so grateful for Boni as well as her many gifts! – Beverly Duncan, KY

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take Boni’s Claim Your Life Class. I gained such confidence in becoming an instructor and gained so many wonderful teaching techniques. The class also helped me to gain clarity in my own life. I now have the tools to support and help instruct others with the life they want to make for themselves.-Cathy Owens, NC

I felt fully supported with all aspects of the Claim Your Life Instructors Course. Every thing from learning the process, to creating the business is like a gift handed to me. You walk away from Boni’s class feeling fully supported and nurtured thru the whole process. The Instructors Course is an investment into my future and all the others that it will touch.-Gina Higdon, TX

I am so glad that I participated in the first facilitator’s class “CLAIM YOUR LIFE.” I believe in improving your life is your gift to yourself and to others. Thank you Boni for who you are and for sharing succinct and easy tools to making life better for anyone taking this workshop.- Rane Newlynn, TX

I am in Awe of the clarity and power that can be revealed in one’s life as a result of working the processes and morning and evening CD’s in the Claim Your Life course. I am so grateful to you, Boni, for believing in this wisdom and doing what it took to get it out here for the world to be a better place… One person at a time! – Stacy Davenport, TX

Taking the first instructors class for Claim Your Life, was incredibly rewarding, heartwarming and fun.  In a clear, systematic approach, Boni gave us nuggets of gold that will enhance lives – both our own and others.  For me, being in Boni’s class is a double bonus.  I learn so much and I feel secure within the atmosphere that Boni creates.  All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better learning experience, nor a better opportunity to go out and teach others to Claim Their Lives!!  Thank YOU, Boni.  Your gift is amazing!!!!  – Stevie Levine, FL

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